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Kavisha Paranamana is a JavaEE developer and a PHP developer. As her main interest is vying for all kind of Java and PHP technologies and frameworks, she has widespread know-how in a large bunch of related technologies. Nevertheless, she is someone who always like to vigorously mess with databases and relational systems, inspiring herself to strive into numerous perspectives of database modeling. Kavisha started coding computers when she was 13, and she thinks that she is one of those felicitous people who have found their calling  from the childhood :-) Starting her career life as a web application developer with a leading software firm, Kavisha has been working with many different systems, software architectures, platforms, and programming languages. Lately, she started devoting some of her spare time as an independent consultant for many different companies all over the world.

Kavisha graduated from the University of Colombo (UCSC), with Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication Technology, and currently all set for her Bachelor's in Information Technology from the University of Moratuwa. Besides that, she is a Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP), and currently holds her 2006 Diploma in Information Technology, with 2006 BTEC Advanced Diploma in Information Technology. Kavisha is also looking forward to earning some other Java certifications, as her curent focus is heavily on JavaEE related projects.

When she is not contorting some code, Kavisha likes to sing, play musical instruments, and do all non-productive things over the internet, as you can see few of them here :-)


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