Kavisha's Projects - 1

  • HealthAnalytics - A Monitoring and Administration System for Health Care Institutions

    Health analytics is a JavaEE web-based intelligent system developed for a Nursing Home in Panadura, after having a critical analysis of the requirements. Hospital administration being the primary role, this system has the capability of polling the status of each patient under the pre-programmed perspectives. Each patient is connected to a mobile device that has WAP based authenticated HTTPS access to the centralized server, and the running logic relies on the signalling of these devices. The JESS engine determines the critical events of the patients, and the authorized persons are immediately notified by the notifications sent through the Jboss application server. Nevertheless, since the decisions taken under these circumstances have an 'impact' on the business logic of the main administration business, the administration of the whole nursing home will be fine-tuned as per the patterns learned by the system.

  • PILMS- A Personal Information and Leave Management System

    PILMS is a PHP web-based personal leave management system that has an ad-hoc business of pattern recognition and pattern matching for identifying the fingerprints of employees. The pattern engine recognizes the critical points of a given fingerprint, and a portable CSV file is used as the data store, which can later be used for identifying the fingerprints. The rest of the logic embedded in the web application performs the underneath tasks associated with formal leaving process, including the validations of leaves and keeping the records. This system was designed for the University of Colombo, demonstrating how well the agile software methodologies can contribute in a software project.

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